Sourcing – Raw Rice is purchased from local mandis and farmers from all over India. Every grain of Nazaakat can be traced back to the paddy fields of its origin.

Milling & Processing – The rice is then subjected to a rigorous process of cleaning, separation, dehusking, sizing, polishing, colour sorting and grading before they are sorted safely in our state of the art grain silos. Every step along in the way is tightly controlled and analyzed to maintain the highest quality.

Ageing & Storage – Ageing in basmati is very essential as it increases the aroma, length, taste and cooking results. This leads to guaranteed consistency at the end table everytime. Storing is 100% done in house under guidance of the expert eyes, such that the quality is maintained at the highest level.

Quality Assurance – Special care is taken at every step from sourcing to final dispatch of the product, to ensure that Nazaakat’s range of rice is not only perfect but also exceeds the safety & quality requirements of the consumer.

About Nazaakat

We are determined to remove hunger from this society, thereby pledging parts of our profit to the
needy people. Please do contact us if you too would like to contribute.